You do the trading, we do the programming

We've constructed elite strategies and indicators for your TradingView arsenal. With real data and results behind all of our coding.

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Why are our indcators better?

Data Driven Results!

We develop all of our indicators to be profitable strategies first! Many of our indicators have over 80 percent profitability when running on pairings such as XBT/USD.
Frequent Updates
Our scripts are always being tweaked by our team to ensure the best results! 
All our indicators are developed with you in mind, the user is able to set alerts such as LONG/SHORT signals. When paired with the TradingView app, users are able to strike on trading opportunties as quickly as possible!

Profit is in our DNA....

With over 10 incredible tools to add to your charting arsenal, Profit Programmers has put together tools such as our famous TrendHawk and AutoFib to help navigate the volatility of Crypto and Forex markets. We have been using these indicators for years and decided to share them with the public after having made hundred of thousands of dollars in trading profits!

Profit Programmer Favorite: The K2 CCI PRO

The K2 uses a fast and slow Commodity Channel Index to measure momentum and determine the direction and strength of trends. The K2 uses the values of both CCI’s in relation to their upper and lower bounds, as well as their historical standard deviation, to ensure entries at absolute bottoms and exits at absolute peaks. 

We tested this on XBT/USD for Bitmex futures trading with over 82%+ profitability on  15 min chart!


What are traders saying about Profit Programmers?

Love the Auto Fib, such a great tool to use for day trading bitcoin

The K2 is awesome! The amount of profit I've made trading on bitmex with that strategy is incredible

Recieved my invite only script in 20 minutes after purchase. Currently using the trend hawk trading ethereum, awesome on finding the tops the short

Been following these guys on trading view for awhile. Doug helped me set up my K2 which has been working so well with my normal day trading setup.